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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

the white rose of eternal love

This is actually a translated lyric of a chinese song. Given by someone to sooth my feeling, the time where I'm lost and alone. The song that I listen again and again, until I memorized every single line of the chinese song. Tong Hua means fairytale. Sorry ed, doesn't mean to use your tagline :p. Now I have the same feeling and this song keeps playing in my mind. Fairy tales are always beautiful. Everybody feels good when reading fairy tales. But does it comes true? Well, basyirah said life is wonderful. It is...Thanks Allah for still giving me chance to breath. Thanks for surviving me through this whole day. -You are the eternal love ever after

Fairy tale are always a tale.

I've forgotten how long it has been
since the last time I heard you
Tell me your favorite story
I have thought for a long time 
I start to panic
Wondering if I have done something wrong again

You told me you cried
That everything in fairy tales are all lies
I couldn't possibly be your prince
But perhaps you don't understand either
Ever since you told me you loved me
All the stars in my sky have brightened

I'm willing to become the one in the fairy tale
The angel that you love
I extend this pair of hand
and turn them into wings to protect you

You must believe

Believe we will be like we are in a fairy tale
Where blessing and happiness in the ending

~when the whole world ignored me
only you couldn't leave me alone~