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it's the glowing sunset!!

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

may this pain take away my sorrow

Today's paper.. critical review of malaysian literature in english (mr.sidik class). Luckily the questions only about one novel-The Scorpion Orchid... questions of issues regarding to the society in Singapore during 1950's (the year of several riots; National Service Riot, Hock Lee Bus Riot, and the famous one- Natrah case). I don't spend to much time drafting. Just write down everything in my mind so it will flow to the answer booklet. I want to answer it as fast as possibly so my knowledge won't spill. haha.. how can the knowledge actually 'spill'. The truth is I'm afraid I will fall asleep because I stay up quite late last night. I can see some of my friends have their nap during the exam.  Even I can answer it.. i mean ok la.. long essay for each question. But.. not hoping for an A bulat result because the coursework mark is suck! Mr.sidik is not as generous as usual.

Today, i cook ayam masak pedas cili. Maybe not so 'lemak' because i only use instant coconut milk (powder) and only half of the powder. Forget about the santan. There is insiden happen when i tumbuk2 the chilies. Ada yang terpelanting terkena tangan dan jari. The result is- some of my hand part and few fingers are swollen. It looks a bit reddish. Very painful because it feels like burning your hand. Well, some people may not experience this. But chillies are surely NOT my friend. I have stomach ache if i take any spicy food. But still love it. My hand is still 'burning' now... when typing this. Wowww.... hot hot hot.

 the innocent ayammm..

my swollen hand and fingers

I still don't know what is actually happening between us. Each day seems to be more complicated. I hope everything back to normal and still waiting. 

Money... money.. money... where else to get it. The electric bill crazily increase from rm80 to rm300. Haha.. macam baca bursa saham. Already ask the stupid TNB and they can't do anything about the unsual charge. So, what to do.... tomorrow I'll have some maggie from Saivon mini mart.