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it's the glowing sunset!!

Monday, April 26, 2010

orkid kala jengking and silent revenge

Reading the scorpion orchid by Llyod Fernando. The mysterious Tok Said, 1malaysia friends (Santi, Sabran, Guang Kheng and Peter) you know why i said 1malaysia. and Sally Yu@Salmah Yub. Interesting hipothesis by our classmates about this women (Sally). She might not even a human, means that her character represent Singapore. She loves anyone that comes to her. But after the rape incident- no more trust towards strangers and even her close friends. I can't read the full novel... nice story though. I'm not purely literature lover. Sadly to discover this. Thanks to those who did a very good job providing all this notes. Nice work. 

Dear my chocolatee bloggie,
Sometimes the fb stuff do some surprise, maybe just for fun but something shows that i should not hoping anymore. Claim you ain't paying your revenge. Is this some new kind of way to show it. Nobody wants to know what I'm into, what's going on, what's with my family, what's i'm eating, and whatever. Is it because I'm not able to fulfill everything you wish? Maybe forgotten that i am a girl that keep ask and ask the same question. Tired of hearing it? Now I'm sick when I trying to know what is happening to you from time to time. But it is only me. Me.