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it's the glowing sunset!!

Thursday, May 6, 2010

story of the moon

bulan sabit

Last night... I looked out my window. Pointed my eyes to the sky. There ain't no stars. Only the moon. Bright and shiny..yeah.. you're still the same. Moon... remember those time I looked at you... talking about how beautiful are you, what is your shape looks like at the time..sometimes you are pearly full round shape, sometimes like the doraemon pocket. Remember all my childish talk and song of the moon. All the giggles and cute jokes. When the distance is so far... the moon is the metaphor for borderless bound between us.

But the moon is no longer entertain me. The brightness of the moon didn't brighten my heart. Lenka's -like a song is my lullaby. A haunting melody and dark emotion spread in my room... tears on my red  pillow and memories of unforgetable moments.

"time make it go faster
or just decide
to come back to my happy heart"